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Digital Media Creation

From Concept creation to Delivery to support your marketing and education initiatives

young people dedicated to creating digital media

Our work

LCG’s digital media creation

Curating the right information to your partners/sales channel ecosystem to effectively accelerate your business. LCG specialists partner with you to ensure that your extended eco-system channels have to tools and know-hows for your mutual success.

What is different about our eLearning?

Our specialty is creating highly interactive, rich media programs centered around actual workplace scenarios that enable people to develop their skills and knowledge. Our learn-by-doing programs challenge learners with real-world problems, where they make decisions and explore the consequences of their choices, both good and bad.

Simplify Mobile-Friendly eLearning Development with Lectora 17

Lectora® Inspire 17 combines the easy-to-use Responsive Course Design™ (RCD) feature with a better-than-ever set of Inspire tools to add interactivity. With this authoring tool, you’ll speed up eLearning development AND increase learner engagement. Learn more