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Discriminatory Harassment

  • 1. Hiring and Promotion

    Kuriyama has asked Hashimoto to review his choice of candidates for filling a new assistant manager position in his group.

  • 2. Sexual Preference

    Kuriyama is scheduled to go to an overseas conference. He gets upset when he learns who he will be traveling with and decides to discuss the situation with his manager.

  • 3. Misuse of Power and Intimidation

    Hashimoto and Junko are just finishing up a very long day at the office. It is late enough that they will have to get home by taxi.

  • 4. Pregnancy

    Junko has set up an appointment with her manager, Hashimoto to announce the news that she is expecting.

  • 5. Nationality and Ethnic Origin

    Yamada is stopped in the hallway unexpectedly by one of her subordinates with a complaint regarding a decision about his involvement in a client meeting.

  • 6. Gender Sensitivity and Inclusion

    To kick ff a new project, Hashimoto has planned an evening out with the entire team, including dinner and all the usual festivities. After reviewing the planned itinerary one of the members has a complaint.

  • 7. Quid Pro Quo

    Kuriyama is having an interview with Yamada about a position in her group that would be a promotion for him.

  • 8. Sports Newspaper

    Maruyama is enjoying his sports newspaper and a cup of coffee in the break room before the start of the business day.

  • 9. All Dressed Up

    The day is winding down and most people have left for the day. Maruyama and Sakai are making plans to go out for a drink when Etsuko walks by.

  • 10. The Suitor

    Sakai is attracted to Etsuko and has been working up the courage to ask her out. Sees an opportunity and decides to go for it.

  • 11. Late Night Taxi

    Hashimoto and Yamazaki are just finishing up a very long day at the office. It is late enough that they will have to get home by taxi.

Business Ethics

  • 1. Fraudulent Behavior

    Sakai gets a phone call from a friend at another company. During the conversation, the friend asks him for a favor.

  • 2. Financial Reporting

    There was an official group party at a local restaurant. The next day, Hashimoto is checking on Junko's progress with the expense report.

  • 3. External Communications

    Hanako hears from an old friend she had lost touch with. The friend asks her for some information about her company.

  • 4. Business Entertainment

    Kuriyama makes a call to his customer to try and find out more about the bidding process for an upcoming project.

  • 5. Bribes and Kick-Backs

    Sakai gets a call from Suzuki, one of his suppliers currently bidding for a contract. Suzuki makes Sakai an attractive offer.

  • 6. Theft and Misuse

    Kuriyama is talking with a friend about a new software package they just got at work.

Power Harassment

  • 1. Difficult Sales Targets

    An employee approaches his manager concerned that he will not be able to reach his sales targets. The manager must handle the employee and get business results.

  • 2. Finished Early

    A manager stops an employee leaving the office early without prior approval. The employee explains that he has personal business to handle.

  • 3. Tight Schedules

    A manager meets stiff resistance when she announces to her employees that they must add another highly demanding project to their already heavy workload.

  • 4. Taking Credit

    An employee approaches her department manager with a concern about her supervisor taking personal credit for her work.