Custom eLearning Creation

What is different about our eLearning?

Our specialty is creating highly interactive, rich media programs centered around actual workplace scenarios that enable people to develop their skills and knowledge. Our learn-by-doing programs challenge learners with real-world problems, where they make decisions and explore the consequences of their choices, both good and bad.

Through our programs, learners gain experience in a safe environment where they can test their knowledge, explore alternative approaches, and adopt new perspectives. Along the way, we provide coaching guidance and reinforce targeted learning points. Learners experience best practice language, processes and actions to achieve specific performance goals.

Our custom programs are built upon each client's unique challenges and culture and are designed especially for their target learners. Through the intelligent use of audio, video, animation, text and graphics, we create meaningful and memorable learning experiences. Our programs are focused - efficiently training critical learning points and reducing time to competency. The result is greater employee productivity on the job and a better return on your investment.

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Our Experiential Learning
Active - Thinking / Analyzing / Decision Making
Provides information in a business context; Rich delivery conveys behaviors, skills, and principles.
Used and applied again and again
Rolled out as part of a training initiative with facilitated sessions and ongoing reinforcement.
Becomes part of the culture