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Who we are

LCG helps build great companies by enabling powerful work and learning experiences.

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For nearly 20 years, LCG has served global companies across industries to create better employee, partner, and customer experience.

We believe that people can be their best in a growth-oriented culture where they have both autonomy and connection with others to contribute their energy and talent, create value, and make a meaningful difference in the world. Our solutions combine research, media technology, and person-to-person interaction to create an environment and culture where your people learn, grow, and create the future of your business. Let LCG empower your people to build and sustain your success.

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What does LCG mean for you?


Look: inspect something with a view to gaining a deep understanding. When you bring us a challenge, we take the time to understand the gap and what is holding you back from achieving your goal. Bring us your biggest, thorniest problem today!


Curate and Create: select, organize, and present (content, information, etc.), using professional or expert knowledge, bring into existence. We create the best solution using our expert knowledge developed from years of experience to meet your needs.


Grow: continuously develop over a period of time. Our solutions are rarely “one and done.’ We commit to building long-term relationships to ensure your business continues to grow.

What we do at LCG

LCG’s services include

Partner Experience Channel Readiness

Deliver compelling insights and information.


Translation and Localization

Build a better informed more capable workforce globally.


Digital Media Creation

Reach a wider audience. Engage, energize, and inspire.


Training Development and Delivery

Grow leaders, drive change, and build knowledge and capability.


Organizational Development Consulting

Make your company a great place to work.


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